fabrika otomasyon sistemleri

Factory Automation Systems

Automatıon Systems

GENMACS simplifies installation in an automation system and improves safety
with sockets we offer highly price / performance ratio high solutions.
About usAutomation
fabrika otomasyonu

Factory Automation

Industrıal Systems

It installs all kinds of automation system you need in your business,
panel, wiring and other system software support.

Security Automation


In order to reach maximum efficiency of factories operating in different sectors
 is the most important part of the necessary production management works.
fabrika otomasyon sistemleri

Factory Automation Systems

Securıty Automatıon

We provide “Turnkey müş solutions to our customers with our automation team.
We prefer the sector's leading Safety Products in the areas where we integrate.
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PLC Applications

PLC Applications

Complete Machine Automation Projects are performed by using Siemens S7-1200, S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs and TP, KTP and Comfot Operator Panels.

SERVO Applications

SERVO Applications

Servo Motor Applications with our expert team we offer special projects.

SCADA Applications

SCADA Applications

We provide solutions with SCADA and PLC / RTU in the fields of Energy Transmission, Production Facilities, Industrial Plants, OIZs and Rail Systems.

Motion Applications

Motion Applications

We know that our wide range of products offers tailored solutions to all CNC applications.


Factory Automation Systems

Why You Should Use Genmacs Automation Systems ?

Latest Technologıes

The automation systems used in industry are known to require much more precise application, more functionality and efficiency. As the GENMACS family, we use next-generation technology automation systems that make our work with incredible precision and highest reliability.

Value for your busıness

With our automation systems which are capable of making error-free applications without spending valuable human resources, we enable our customers to improve their productivity and quality levels, thus adding value to their businesses by enabling them to work more efficiently.

Support Specıalıst

Genmacs Automation family with our expert and experienced team in your business after determining the maintenance needs of electrical and electronic equipment, periodic measurement, maintenance and cleaning by supporting your production, we interfere with your daily work.


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